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Specific Strategies to Bring Balance and Harmony to the Autism Journey

In this presentation Tamara will take you through an overview of her eight-stage process for bringing transformative opportunities for caregivers struggling through autism journey. Most caregivers have such deep love for their children that they tend to limit any kind of nurturing self-care they need and give it all to the family. Tamara knows this because she did it and found herself sick. Many mothers find themselves chronically ill because all their energy goes to caring for their child. The mental energy and emotional energy produced is endlessly focused on the child. Of course, it is, this is what motherly love is about! But how can one support their child fully and keep their own emotional, physical, and mental tank fulfilled? Tamara will share what she has learned from her own journey with her son, and what she has learned from working with thousands of families over the past twelve years.