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Dr. Joseph Schneider

2023 Presentation(s):

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Functional Neurology allows for the evaluation assessment of brain function and peripheral nerve activity, which allows a host of therapeutic approaches to generate plasticity. Plastic changes to the brain improves connectivity by generating neurogenesis, synaptogenesis, glial cell support and apoptosis inherit to any consideration of brain plasticity. The state or level of inflammation can inhibit or prevent proper changes to the brain and peripheral nervous system. The brain is segmented in distinct areas of control from the cerebrum, sub cortex, brainstem, and spinal tracts. Each area can be tested through diagnostic technologies and traditional examination protocols. Once every area of concern is tested, then a comprehensive therapeutic approach or strategy will be put into place to address the neurological weakness and strength in the nervous system. The technology used at the Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center will be described and explained. Each technology is essential for generating plasticity as well as different physical exercises traditionally used by Chiropractic Functional Neurologists, Neurologists, and Physical Therapists. Essential to our approach is analyzing the sources of inflammation through diagnostic blood tests, saliva and urine analysis. By treating comprehensively, outcomes are quicker and more complete.
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Dr. Schneider, a seasoned practitioner with over 30 years of clinical experience, is devoted to promoting optimal health and well-being in patients. With a background in physics and a magna cum laude graduate of New York Chiropractic College, he has treated over 11,000 individuals for a diverse range of neurological and non-neurological conditions. Driven by a passion for helping others, he has successfully assisted children with Autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disorders, and more during his tenure as the Executive Director of the Brain Balance Center. Dr. Schneider’s outstanding contributions have garnered him prestigious accolades, including the Clinical Excellence Award from the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation in 2013. Despite recovering from a stroke, he draws upon his extensive knowledge in chiropractic functional neurology and his personal experience with brain recovery to guide patients towards optimal health without relying on medications or surgeries.

In summary, Dr. Schneider, an experienced healthcare professional, combines his expertise in neurology with a commitment to patient well-being. Through his comprehensive approach to care, he has positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals, particularly children with neurodevelopmental differences. Recognized for his exceptional contributions, Dr. Schneider continues to dedicate his life to helping patients achieve their optimal health goals.

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