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Gavin Schultz

2023 Presentation(s):

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Gavin and Cindy Schultz will present about Rapid Prompting Method and how it has opened a whole new world for him over the past 15 plus years.  RPM is so much more than just a letterboard. Gavin has learned so much using this teach and ask method. He loves to write many amazing insightful writings.  He will share how helpful RPM has been to him, how he started and how we implement it throughout his daily life.  Soma and her son Tito have written numerous books.  Soma and other Soma Certified RPM Providers offer camps, workshops, training, weekly sessions  that will also be discussed as extremely helpful.  Learn more at:
Speaker Bio:

Gavin met and worked with Soma Mukhopadhyay, the creator of Rapid Prompting Method, for the first time in 2007, when he was nine years old. He has worked with Erika Anderson (2010-11) and Jackie Dorshorst (2012 – present), both who are Soma Certified RPM Providers in Wisconsin.

Gavin has worked very hard to get where he is today doing RPM with his mother Cindy Schultz. Cindy homeschooled him for middle school and high school and realized how intelligent he was, thanks to RPM. He has learned so much throughout the years using RPM and is now able to communicate fluently with trained professionals of RPM.

Gavin has his own Facebook page called: The Hopeful One Gavin Schultz. He enjoys sharing his love for God and his knowledge with everyone he meets.

Gavin has been a presenter at Autism One for years. He has spoken at churches, schools, and has some of his writings published.

He has been featured in numerous videos about RPM and his life.  His dream is to get a book published.

Gavin is 25 years old and loves attending his day programs, horse therapy, bowling, baseball, RPM and being active in the community. 

He is extremely social and loves to be with friends and family. 

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