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The Houston Homeopathy Method: A Causation Elimination Approach to Healing Autism and PANDAS

Based on the multiple contributing factors discovered by biomedical researchers in autism and PANDAS, and the diversity of behavioral and developmental manifestations and physical symptoms of autism, the homeopaths at Homeopathy Center of Houston developed a unique causation-focused program to heal Autism Spectrum Disorders and PANDAS.

Sequential Homeopathy is the backbone of the Houston Homeopathy Method.  By working in reverse chronological sequence through the client’s personal history, the approach gently supports the body to eliminate or rebalance each trauma layer. The program encompasses a highly individualized, yet systematic approach to detoxification and elimination of physical and emotional traumas. By using complex combinations of homeopathic remedies tailored to remove each layer of historical insults, the body begins to heal itself. Gradually a less toxic, and less traumatized system yields improvements in both cognitive and physical functioning as burdens on the immune system are released. Over time, the system can normalize, allowing a healthy emergence of behavioral, developmental, academic, social and physical improvements.

Unlike drug, supplement or dietary therapies, there are no side effects or sensitivities to homeopathic remedies, and because homeopathy supports natural healing process, the gains achieved typically remain even once the remedies are discontinued.

Actual case anecdotes pulled from our records with children and young adults with ASD‘s and PANDAS will demonstrate examples of improvements and even complete recoveries. Gains have been achieved in engagement, eye contact, focus and concentration, meltdowns, toileting, aggression, repetitive behaviors, obsessions, speech and communication, reduction in tics and many other complaints. These advances correspond with physiological improvements such as digestion, GI pain, appetite, elimination, inflammation, sensitivity to light or noise stimulus and sleep, resulting in visible overall health improvement and greater well-being.

The salient message is presented as a framework of genuine hope for permanent improvements in behavior, development, abilities, health and healing made possible through the Houston Homeopathy Method with its 20 years of proven success as a safe, non-toxic, drug-free, side effect-free and non-invasive option for ASDs and PANDAS .